Friends of Scouting

Laguna Beach Troop 35 Proudly Supports OCBSA Friends of Scouting.

Please show your support by giving generously today!

The 2017 Friends of Scouting campaign is underway in our unit to support Scouting programs across Orange County for the benefit of our Scouts. Thanks to those of you who have already responded as we seek to have all of our families participate!

Friends of Scouting is the effort each year for our families to have the opportunity to support local Scouting to cover the many unseen costs beyond registration, outings, uniforms and badges that it takes to provide Scouting to a young Scout such as: advancement records, camps, insurance, training, Scout Shops and service center, professional and registration support to name just a few. It costs approximately $300 annually per Scout. Our goal is for every Scout family to participate and “Do Your Best.” Our unit earns a participation ribbon and each family receives a participation patch along with other recognition items depending on level of support. We can also earn the coveted 100% participation ribbon if we all take part.

Thank you for what you do to support your son, our unit and Scouting!